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The late Stanley Meyer spent nearly twenty years perfecting his invention that could have eliminated our dependence on oil.

He successfully  filed over 40 patents and had just received notification that his project would receive substantial funding while he was dining with investors at a local restaurant.

But, before he could continue he was poisoned though the coroner reported he died of a brain aneurysm.

If you search Stanley Meyer patents on Wikipedia you will read that his 17 years of research was called pseudoscience. Words like "purported" and alleged and fraudulent are peppered throughout the Wikipedia posting to make it sound like Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell claims are fake. Trolls post propaganda and fake news to discredit free energy.

Learn how to build your own Stanley Meyer type Water Fuel Cell that runs cool with just distilled water, well, spring or rain water and low power draw-down (2.5 amps or less) to generate HUGE HHO OUTPUT!

Using Stan Meyer's incredible radiant energy circuit design plus Orgone water you can generate plenty of HHO fuel.

The Stanley  Meyer Water Fuel Cell releases the enormous energy of Hydrogen that is stored in water using a small current (amps) from a car battery/alternator.

We guarantee that you can increase your gas mileage by at least 40% or more by installing our HHO Hybrid Conversion Kit on carbureted (older) vehicles

Stan Meyer's legacy lives on. Despite his mysterious death from poisoning in 1998 he left detailed patents on how to release the stored energy of water safely producing at least 300% more energy than the electricity required to generate Hydrogen from water.

In June of 2007, the patents expired and became public domain and now researchers all over the world have proven his technology by replicating and refining it.

Learn how this powerful discovery can reduce CO2 emissions that have lowered the amount of free oxygen in our atmosphere. Widespread use of the Stanley Meyer technologies could reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Don't you agree it is time the U.S. got out of the chaos, hatred and constant war on-going in the Middle East?

Now, you can produce your own fuel to run your car, heat your house and even to GO OFF THE GRID by generating and storing your own fuel. You can access the technology to gain complete energy independence while enhancing our fragile environment. 

My plans reveal how to convert a propane powered generator to run on pure Hydrogen.

Currently, I'm working on my Monatomic Hydrogen Boiler that will make instantaneous super-heated steam from injecting pure hydrogen and pure oxygen through a Plasma Arc. NO WAITING FOR WATER TO BOIL!

You could use this steam to heat your house or to drive a 15 to 20 horsepower 15kw steam engine powered generator.

Discover how you can employ this revolutionary technology to vastly improve the gas mileage of your car, SUV or truck - including diesel.

 HHO Conversion Plans on CD costs just $39.95 plus S&H and are guaranteed to increase your gas mileage by  at least 40% or more.

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Join thousands of independent thinkers who reject GREEDY BIG OIL and their efforts to pollute our planet in the name of profits. Isn't it time you learned how to create your own, unlimited fuel from water?immediate 

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Secrets of Using Water For Fuel

My latest research report, Secrets of Using Water For Fuel, analyzes the methods researchers like Yull Brown, Andrija Henry Puharich and Stanley Meyer used to run vehicles entirely on water. You'll also receive the plans to build a super high efficiency Water Fuel Cell that uses Orgone water to produce HHO for under 100 watts.

My company can set you up with a converted diesel generator that runs 100% on hydrogen that you produce and store using the latest radiant energy Bedini type circuits.

Now, imagine using Radiant Energy, or cold electricity attracted from empty space (almost like sunlight but invisible) as your free power source to break water into a powerful, clean and renewable fuel.


I became interested in using hydrogen to solve the need for an abundant clean energy source back in 2007. A researcher, Stanley Meyer, had filed over 40 patents on how he was producing large quantities of HHO gas from well water or rain water using just a fraction of the current that scientists like Faraday had always claimed was necessary to disassociate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Most scientists scoffed at the idea of producing more energy in the form of hydrogen/oxygen gas than was used to break down water into it's components of (you guessed it) hydrogen and oxygen or HHO.


I spent years experimenting with Stanley Meyer's circuit designs and Water Fuel Cell and recently, with the help of an open-minded electronics engineer we succeeded. With the help of this retired Air Force engineer we produced HHO from well water using very little electricity. Our basic circuit only consumed 120 watts or about as much as a light bulb to produce a substantial amount of HHO gas.

Stanley Meyer was right! But, the circuits did not work as well as Stanley Meyer reported. Then, a friend of mine sent me an article about an inventor who designed a unique water purification device.John Ellis Water Slashes Power Needed For Electrolysis

Tucked away in the article was a brief mention that the device produced nascent water that was purer than that produced by the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories for use in their experiments.

Scientists had used a tunneling electron microscope to examine this special water and found that the hydrogen bond angle was much larger in the special water than in ordinary tap water. And, one customer for the water reported that the water disassociated into hydrogen/oxygen or HHO with far less power required than expected by Faraday's equations!

 I couldn't wait to try out this special water that I call orgone water in my most advanced HHO generator.

The article even had a phone number to request a small sample of the orgone water. Now, I had been testing my new Vortex cell design and getting great HHO production.

But, the unit was blowing fuses because it was running between 31 amps and 35 amps. I had to find a way to get the same HHO output with less power.

What Happened When The Sample Of Orgone Water Arrived...

When the precious 4 oz vial of orgone water arrived I was reluctant to use all of it for my test. So, I added just ten drops to the electrolyte.

Every day I powered up the cell for about 15 minutes four or five times to see if the amperage would drop. And, to my shock and amazement the amps did gradually drop every day. Now, I no longer had to worry about blowing fuses because the cell was still putting out the same amount of HHO gas but it only took about 7 amps.

So, I thought if ten drops of orgone water helps this much I'd put in another ten drops to see what happened.

By the evening of the seventh day of testing the Vortex cell was only using about 1.5 amps!

My engineer friend told me the cell was probably worn out and not conducting the electricity very well.

So, I built another brand new cell expecting to have it begin the test at 31 amps using the exact same electrolyte with the special water.

To my surprise the cell produced large amounts of HHO gas at less than one amp! In fact, my ammeter dial showed zero but it was designed to show up to 60 amps so, I figure it was actually using a bit under one amp.

I did test the ammeter on another cell with similar electrolyte without the special orgone water. the ammeter worked fine as it was registering back up around 32 amps.

The scientists ridiculed Stanley Meyer and no doubt they will have no explanation for my discovery. But, as I found out, THE SECRET IS IN THE WATER!

Once the electrolyte is conditioned you can use it with other cells to get instant HHO at almost no amps or watts. My device is putting out about 1 liter per minute at around 85 watts. My friends, that is like plugging in a 100 watt light to produce almost free energy to power your car, heat your house or even to run a special converted diesel generator for electric power.

Recently, I tested this conditioned, energized Orgone electrolyte with a new 5 tube cell design. My original results were replicated!

Watch my video! My next project is to build and test a six cell (4-tube design) to measure the HHO output vs. the total watts. Call me if you'd like to find out my results. My private cell phone number is 207-837-9869.

As a researcher into how to use water as an unlimited, renewable clean fuel the discovery of orgone water appears to be a breakthrough since it reduces the power needed to electrolyze water.

HHO is the cleanest energy on the planet since the only emissions when HHO is burned is just ultra pure water vapor. 

In fact, I figured out that if all the vehicles in Los Angeles ran on HHO the cars themselves would clean the smog right out of the city. 

With my new Split Gas PEM cell using only pure orgone water "activator" cars get from 25% to as much as 75% better fuel mileage.

Big semi trucks, heavy earth moving equipment with diesel motors, buses, farm tractors and the like will no longer pollute with nasty diesel exhaust while gaining from 35% to 50% more miles per gallon.

One semi truck driver ran his truck on HHO for four years and one million miles. When he brought it into his mechanic  for the one million mile rebuild the mechanic examined the cylinders and told him it looked brand new. He was told to keep driving at least another 250,000 miles!

I've posted a series of videos showing how I discovered how just a few drops of orgone water can solve the energy crisis. See for yourself how my Vortex HHO cell generated the same amount of HHO on about one amp when Orgone water was added to the electrolyte. CLICK HERE

WARNING: Experimenting with Hydrogen and/or a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen is very dangerous and you do so entirely at your own risk. Neither the author nor any person involved in the sale, distribution or display of this information and products in any format recommends that you do so unless you seek competent  help.

Proceed at your own risk!

The writer, publisher, distributor and anyone involved in the distribution of this information disclaim any responsibility for the outcome and recommend that you consult a qualified professional in the field of auto mechanics, physics or related field. PowerGate Technologies does not guarantee any specific mileage improvements since PowerGate Technologies has no control over how you built your unit nor how you installed your unit. We recommend that only qualified professionals or  certified ASA mechanics install any device. Income Disclaimer:  No guarantee of income is expressed or implied. HHO products are not refundable but will be replaced if found defective when installed by our certified mechanics within 30 days. The income that you earn is entirely dependent on your own actions, efforts and talents.


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