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Information about HHO Generators and converting your vehicle to run on Brown's Gas, a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen. You can drive a water powered car!

  • Question: Do HHO Generators really work?


  • Answer: YES! However, 99% of HHO Generators use good old fashioned current hogging electrolysis. They place a huge drain on your vehicle's electrical system.. To make matters worse, your car's O2 sensor reads the Brown's gas as excess air.  Your engine management computer compensates for running what it sees as an excessively lean mixture by adding more gasoline to the combustion chamber. Unless you have installed and tuned your engine with an O2 optimizer or EFIE device you will rarely see substantial gas mileage gains.


  • Any gains you do see are the result of improved combustion because Brown's gas mixes well with gasoline and promotes complete combustion.


  • Another factor that can make using the standard, old fashioned electrolysis units hazardous is that they generally use a caustic like Potassium Hydroxide for the electrolyte. Caustic fumes may be introduced into your car's engine causing damage. The Stan Meyer design that we offer uses only tap water that is harmless to your engine. Beware of units that use caustic!

Question: Can I purchase an HHO Generator based on the Stan Meyer patented designs?

Answer: Powergate Technologies is designing a Kit based on the Stan Meyer design. The unit will be for cars, pickup trucks and large trucks. If you know of another company with a Stan Meyer design that does not use electrolysis please notify the web master!

Question: Why don't the auto manufacturers introduce this technology on current vehicles?

Answer: While gasoline was relatively cheap there was little financial incentive because the American buying public demanded large, powerful vehicles. The Stan Meyer's patents would give the public control over their own energy because when optimized or designed from the ground up to take advantage of this technology vehicles could be run on 100% water. Neither the oil companies nor the government wants to see a multibillion dollar industry destroyed. The oil companies are reported to make more profits than any other industry on earth. Exxon/Mobil reported over $11 billion profits in a recent quarter!

Question:  Is it dangerous to run my car on Hydrogen or HHO?

Answer: That is like asking is it dangerous to bungee jump off a cliff. Both gasoline and Brown's gas are highly flammable. Hydrogen is explosive in the presence of Oxygen. That is the reason that the attempts by the automakers to configure a vehicle to carry a tank of Hydrogen onboard a car are insane when you can package all the Hydrogen you need in harmless water!

It is rumored that an inventor designed a safe way to store Hydrogen and release it on demand. But the fact is he was wasting his time. The safest way to store and transport Hydrogen is in water! The Hydrogen can be safely released on-demand and as needed to power your vehicle when using the Stan Meyer system. There must be safeguards to insure that no Brown's gas can accumulate or become pressurized beyond a nominal pressure required to feed the air intake.

Brown's gas is a highly explosive combination of two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. It will explode if excessively pressurized and/or heated. No HHO generator should ever be constructed of ordinary glass when used in a vehicle.  The HHO generator should be placed as far away from the hot exhaust manifold as possible. The unit must be in a space that is vented to prevent any accumulation of gases in a confined space in the event of a leak.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule of the gaseous elements. The Brown's gas fuel lines must be totally impermeable to Hydrogen! I recommend using stainless steel fuel lines.

When the proper precautions are taken a Stan Meyer's type Water Fuel Cell is actually safer than gasoline. 

Question: Will an HHO system void my car's warranty?

Answer: Check with your local car dealer but before you do check out the Moss Act that protects consumers from unscrupulous dealers and auto manufacturers.

Question: Can I run my car 100% on water?

Answer: Possibly, but today's automobile would need to be re-engineered to accommodate this technology. While Stan Meyer ran his dune buggy exclusively on water a dune buggy has plenty of space and a simple, exposed design. Most cars simply don't have the space. You would no doubt find that your exhaust system would rust out very quickly unless you installed a stainless steel exhaust. If your order is placed right now I'll include a special bonus report on how one man (who prefers to remain anonymous) converted his car to run 100% on water.

Question:  Do I have to be a rocket scientist to build and install my own HHO Hybrid system?

Answer: No BUT you should be mechanically inclined and very comfortable working on small projects. The hard stuff like cutting and drilling stainless steel can be outsourced to any machine shop. The electronics including building circuit boards can also be outsourced to sites that can sell you everything you need. The plans include a link to several companies that offer O2 simulator/sensor to over-ride your car's MAP.

Question: How much will it cost me to build my own HHO unit?

Answer: The most expensive component is the stainless steel tubes/pipes. The other components should cost under $150. You could easily spend several hundred dollars on stainless steel depending on how many cells you wish to use. However, payback in fuel savings would be very rapid. The O2 simulator is under $100 and miscellaneous tubing and  hardware is inexpensive.

Question: What kind of gas mileage can I expect?

Answer: That is impossible to say since every engine and driving style is different. Keep in mind that the most critical element in how much gas mileage increase you see is the tuning. You will probably need to purchase an EFIE or O2 sensor simulator to get the most out of the HHO gasses. Otherwise, your engine management system could compensate for the HHO by making your gasoline mixture richer. Cars that have been carefully tuned with electronic optimization circuits have seen 65 MPG or more. 

Question: What kind of support do you offer?

Answer: You'll be subscribed to HyFusion News when you order. You'll receive all the latest updates, revisions and technical breakthroughs by email. You'll always know of the latest developments. If you don't wish to receive the e-zine you can unsubscribe at any time.

Question: Do you have an affiliate program?

Answer: Yes. We pay 50% for direct sales. You can simply copy and paste your affiliate order link code onto any web site. Sign up


More Information

Hydrogen Has Approximately 2.7 Times the energy content of gasoline by weight.

According to the United States Department of Energy web site "storing enough hydrogen onboard a vehicle to achieve a driving range of greater than 300 miles is a significant challenge. On a weight basis, hydrogen has nearly three times the energy content of gasoline (120 MJ/kg for hydrogen versus 44 MJ/kg for gasoline). However, on a volume basis the situation is reversed (8 MJ/liter for liquid hydrogen versus 32 MJ/liter for gasoline). On-board hydrogen storage in the range of 5-13 kg H2 is required to encompass the full platform of light-duty vehicles.

How is Hydrogen Stored?

Hydrogen can be stored in a variety of ways, but for hydrogen to be a competitive fuel for vehicles, the hydrogen vehicle must be able to travel a comparable distance to conventional hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles." end of quote.


This is the kind of ignorant disinformation our government and scientists is putting out to the American public. Why is there no mention of on-board, on-demand Hydrogen production and NOT storage?

The fact is that the safest and most efficient way to store Hydrogen is water and the amount of Hydrogen stored in just one gallon of water could propel your vehicle with HHO or Brown's Gas as a fuel supplement for over two hundred miles! Stan Meyer estimated that it would require just 22 gallons of water to drive his dune buggy coast to coast!

One gallon of water expands 1700 times when it's components, Hydrogen and Oxygen are disassociated via the breakdown of water.

Why Don't Our Scientists Acknowledge The Huge Body of Research Done By Stan Meyer?

Perhaps the issue is that if you wish to use water for fuel you would have access to free fuel, ordinary tap water. With fuel virtually free and with no way for the oil industry to have centralized control over our energy needs the oil industry would collapse. It wouldn't happen overnight but gradually the oil, coal and other fossil fuel industries would whither and die.

Big Oil will suffer the same fate as the buggy whip manufacturers after the automobile replaced the horse and carriage as a means of transportation.

The government derives billions of dollars via fuel excise taxes. You may ask yourself how the government will be able to tax you if you are running your car and even your house heating and power system on water. Should we repress the water for fuel revolution just so we can be taxed?

If you were to privately convert your car to use water as gas and to convert your car to run on water you will be voting for energy freedom. Here's how you benefit:

high gas prices You will save enormous amounts of money on your fuel bills

high gas prices You can fight back against high gas prices

high gas prices You will free up this country from dependence on foreign oil.

high gas prices You will contribute to cleaning up the environment to stamp out CO2 pollution and the greenhouse effect scientists now agree is causing global warming.

high gas prices Your automobile will run cleaner, smoother and your engine will last longer.

high gas prices You will gain energy freedom from high gasoline and fuel oil prices imposed by the stranglehold BIG OIL currently has on energy.

My Suggestion

Do your part by purchasing the HHO Hybrid Plans or the complete Kit (coming out soon)! Install it and start voting with your pocketbook by saving money. Shut out the oil industry by cutting back on demand for gasoline.

Then, contact your Congressman or woman and tell Congress to stop supporting big oil and high taxes. Demand that Stanley Meyer's Hydroxy Hydrogen Booster discoveries be supported with our tax dollars.

Thank you for visiting and reading my views. Click the logo, below to email me your commentary or questions.

Note: Liability is strictly limited to the cost of the plans. The company will not be liable for personal injury or damage to vehicle or property. Use at your own risk!

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